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The dynamic duo behind the interior design firm Decorum has been a creative force in Richmond, Virginia for more than two decades. From helping to repurpose existing pieces and consulting on paint colors, to reimagining floor plans and overseeing turnkey new construction and commercial properties, award-winning designers Myrf Bowry and Leah Dodge will help you with any design project you can dream up. In addition to their Virginia clients, the mark of their exceptional design work can be found in homes from Boston to Palm Beach, Texas, and California.

Myrf Bowry and Leah Dodge met in the early 1990s working as design assistants for a renowned interior designer in Richmond. They became fast friends and recognized their “yin and yang” dynamic early on. Their individual styles complemented each other, and they eventually decided to open their own shop. Myrf and Leah share a talent and passion for design and detail that is apparent in their work. Working with clients to help create a home environment that perfectly reflects the way they live is the ultimate goal and reward. Myrf and Leah feel so grateful to share their work space, ideas, and creativity. From working with architects and contractors , to making fabric selections and sketching cabinet designs, they both believe that each piece of a client’s home should be a reflection of their client’s personal style.

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Leah Dodge grew up in Henderson, North Carolina.  She received BA in journalism and advertising from UNC Chapel Hill, followed by a BA in Interior Design from VCU.

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Myrf Bowry, a Richmond native, received her BA in interior design with a studio art minor from James Madison University.

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  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Leah for almost 22 years.  We have done many projects together from furnishing an entire house, restoring a den and several bathrooms, planning a 2 story addition with custom stonework and outdoor living space, and renovating a pool and beach house.  And professional. Leah is quick in getting a sense of what I like and helping me to narrow down choices with fabrics, furniture, fixtures, etc…  I appreciate that she is always well organized and professional.  There are never any surprises with billing as she is good about giving detailed estimates beforehand.  I also value Leah’s work ethic. She is diligent about following up on orders and trying to finish projects in a timely fashion. A real pleasure to work with.”

    The WilliamsRichmond, VA

  • While many people can say that they work well with their designer, very few can say that they have as good a working relationship as I feel I do, or have worked with them for as many years, or on as many projects as I have. Myrf and I met over 20 years ago and have worked on my family’s primary residences and second homes as my children have grown and our tastes have changed. She listens to her clients and truly gets a sense of their style before making any recommendations for a design plan. Her goal is to capture the family’s lifestyle as they grow and change. Myrf and Leah stay on top of style trends and have grown their business for more 23 years on good business and friendship. They continue to be a leader in the region among design firms and I can’t recommend their firm highly enough.

    Cheryl F.Richmond, VA

  • “My husband and I have worked with Leah Dodge for almost twenty years. Her advice has been invaluable with every single home project, but especially with our complete kitchen and master bath renovations. She has gone above and beyond to assist us and ensure a beautiful result. She is not only a  superb  and trustworthy designer, she a wonderful human being who wants her client’s to be happy and love their homes.”

    Kathy C.Richmond, VA

  • Of the more than 300 Virginia based Interior Designers I have met and worked with over the last 15 years, I have to say that Myrf and Leah are among my very favorites.  Aside from their inherent artistic talent, they are such lovely women both inside and out.  It is rare to see business partners work so successfully together and for so long.  They are extremely hard-working which is evident in their designs and their many long standing relationships with clients and also with the artisans and vendors with whom they collaborate throughout the design process.  They are creative, smart, loyal, kind, respectful, gracious, and vibrant.  I always look forward to seeing them – they always make me smile and laugh!  If I had to describe Myrf and Leah in one word, it would be INTEGRITY.  Their shared passion and talent make it a pleasure to watch their hard work and collaboration come together in their beautiful designs.  I feel very lucky to count them as not only colleagues and clients, but also as friends.

    Megan LowdenCowtan & Tout
  • “I’ve known Leah for over 20 years.  Leah has helped us with many projects—too numerous to mention!  She knows our taste, is always ready to help, available, and gives us lots of options. My husband and I built a house and Leah was eagerly involved. Her expertise was invaluable with everything from reviewing architect’s plans, to design changes, to choosing lighting, doorknobs, furniture and paint colors.

    There is no project that is too small or too big, the ladies of Decorum are not just a pleasure to work with, but fun too!”

    Nancy RRichmond, VA
  • I have always loved beautiful things.  Yet struggled with how to put those beautiful things together so that each piece was appreciated individually as wells as appreciated for being an integral part of what creates a beautiful and comfortable living space.  Myrf has helped me achieve this in our homes.   She has helped me come to really know and appreciate my personal style.  Myrf’s manner is calm, patient, and she uses our time together effectively and efficiently. She has an excellent eye for color and seemingly endless resources for lovely fabrics and home furnishings.
    I guess the best thing I can say about Myrf is that she helped me create a beautiful home 16 years ago and I still love everything about that home today. She creates timeless beauty.  She can look at a client, listen to a client, and help that client achieve a living and/or working space that is perfect in every way.

    MeMe B

  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Decorum’s Leah Dodge on two extensive home remodeling projects as well as several smaller design projects over many years.  Leah is caring and very conscientious design professional who respects her client’s time and keeps scheduled appointments and commitments.  She is accessible and approachable, and she has a fabulous eye for color, using all of her considerable design skills to work very collaboratively with her clients.  Leah is very intuitive, an excellent listener and she has a great knack for remembering her client’s likes and dislikes from one project to the next.   Above all, Leah is a warm, talented and experienced design “pro”  who works  hard to ensure that her clients are excited and delighted with the results she delivers.”.

    Linda M



Our other baby


Myrf and Leah have added decorating your table to their already impressive set of design skills with their clever new product Dip-a-di-do-da dip bowls. Read the rest of that story on our other site. Read about us in Good house keeping magazine and watch us on HSN.





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